Las Vegas Scholars Program
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The Las Vegas Scholars Program helps aspiring scholars grow from students to successful computer scientists and computer engineers by elevating their college experience.

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Our mission is to support academically talented students with demonstrated financial need to attain undergraduate degrees in computer engineering or computer science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Our impact is to improve and promote student's sense of belonging on campus, in UNLV's College of Engineering, and in STEM fields. Our legacy is to broaden opportunities and expand participation in STEM careers.


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Financial Support

Up to $6,200 annual scholarship per student for up to 4 years.

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Peer Cohort and Faculty Mentoring

Build an academic community/supportive network of peers in the program, in your department, and across campus. Establish a supportive relationship with a faculty mentor who can guide your success.

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Summer Bridge Program

Students adjust to college life, meet new friends, learn about the department and the campus, prepare for college-level math, and earn three college credits towards their university degree during the summer bridge program.

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Family Engagement

Invite family members to attend faculty and staff-led workshops to learn more about what it takes to succeed in college (academic expectations), costs of attending/ways to pay for college (financial literacy), and about available resources on campus and how to access them.

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Industry Connections

Tour local STEM industry sites, participate in summer internships, and participate in industry-sponsored senior design project activities. Learn to develop an academic identity as an engineer, explore engineering careers, network with engineering students, faculty and professors, and learn how to thrive and succeed.

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Research Opportunities

Participate in research with engineering and education faculty. Build knowledge in engineering, while documenting your story as a computer science or computer engineering student to inspire other students like you to follow in your footsteps.